Meeting and Exceeding New Guidelines

"At a minimum, the PMs must record airflow, respiratory effort, and blood oxygenation. The type of biosensors used to monitor these parameters for in-laboratory PSG are recommended for use in PMs."*

Our complete line of Ultima Sensors delivers both quality and performance that exceed guidelines.
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"The sensor to detect apnea is an oronasal thermal sensor and to detect hypopnea is a nasal pressure transducer. Ideally, PMs should use both sensor types."*

Explore our latest innovation, combining the PureFlow cannula and cTherm thermistor to deliver the most reliable data capture in a comfortable sensor.
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"PM devices must allow for the display of raw data for manual scoring or editing of automated scoring by a trained and qualified sleep technician/technologist."*

Designed for simplicity, our analysis software combines the powerful tools needed to complete the scoring process.
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"Ideally the sensor for identification of respiratory effort is either calibrated or uncalibrated inductance plethysmography."*

Our one-size-fits-most RIP belt is a reliable component of our new Q-RIPTM effort system for inductance plethysmography measurement.
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"Scoring criteria should be consistent with the current published AASM standards for scoring of apneas and hypopneas."*

In addition to powerful automated tools that follow the strictest scoring standards, take advantage of our top-quality remote scoring service.
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*Clinical Guidelines for the Use of Unattended Portable Monitors in the Diagnosis of Obstructive Sleep Apnea in Adult Patients Portable Monitoring Task Force of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. JCSM Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine, Vol. 3, No. 7, 2007.
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Compliance Tracking

The DentiTrac® is the most powerful oral
appliance compliance tracking solution.
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Braebon Cloud Services

An all-in-one web-based solution to help manage your workflow from intake to treatment.
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How do I hook this up?

Get answers to the most common
questions related to device and
accessory connections.
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