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Snoring Microphones
What is Snoring?
What's the difference between the BRAEBON Snoring Microphone and a Snoring Sensor?
Why is the BRAEBON Snoring Microphone better than any other snoring device?
Where do I place the BRAEBON Snoring Microphone?
What amplifier settings should I use?
How can I clean the Snoring Microphone?
Nasal and Nasal+Oral Cannulas
Can I use any cannula?
Why is the BRAEBON Nasal + Oral Cannula better than any other?
Why do I need to use the safety filter at the end of the cannula?
Can I trim the cannula?
What about oral breathing?
Do I need to tape the cannula onto the patient?
Why are the cannulas described as "Single Use"?
Thermistor - Airflow Temperature Sensor
What's the difference between a thermistor and a thermocouple?
Why is the BRAEBON Airflow Thermistor Device the best?
What's the cost difference between a reusable thermistor and a disposable airflow temperature device?
What's the best way to attach the thermistor to the patient?
How long is the warranty?
Airflow Pressure Transducer
Why is the BRAEBON Pressure Transducer the best on the market?
Why use a BRAEBON Pressure Transducer?
What age groups can I record with a Pressure Transducer?
Should I use an AC or DC connection for Polygraph settings?
What polygraph settings should I use?
How do I connect the Pressure Transducer for CPAP and Esophageal Recording?
Do I need to calibrate the Pressure Transducer if I use a nasal cannula?
How do I calibrate the Pressure Transducer for Esophageal Pressure Recording?
What is the Nasal Differential port on the BRAEBON Dual Pressure Transducer?
Do I have to use all the outputs from the BRAEBON Pressure Transducer?
How long will the battery last?
How do I know if the Pressure Transducer is working properly?
Why do I see continuous green-red flashing on the LED?
Why do I see a spike about every 10 seconds?
The signal looks funny and doesn't look like an airflow thermistor. Why?
I've connected the Pressure Transducer using AC directly into the jackbox, but the signal output from the Pressure Transducer looks funny and has sharp mountain peaks and valley troughs. Why?
Do I need a snoring microphone if I use a Pressure Transducer?
Is a Pressure Transducer better than a disposable airflow temperature sensor?
How long is the warranty?
What is the difference between the BRAEBON Q-RIP System and the BRAEBON Piezo Belt?
Why is the BRAEBON Q-RIP system better than piezo?
What is the cost difference between BRAEBON's Q-RIP system and competitors' offerings?
Can I use Q-RIP on infants?
How does the Q-RIP attach to patients?
How long is the warranty?
How do I connect the Q-RIP to a MediPalm?
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