Surprising Statistics
Up to 50% of the general population snore. Snoring is a symptom of sleep apnea.
5% to 10% of the general population have severe OSA. Many more suffer from mild and moderate sleep apnea. The MediByte permits sleep labs to extend the diagnostic arm into the community and efficientlhy reach people who would otherwise never go to a sleep lab. This creates more revenue opportunty for sleep laboratories.
90% of sleep apneics remain undiagnosed. MediByte permits sleep laboratories to expand their market and grow the business more rapidly.
Extend Your Reach
Hospital-based sleep laboratories often use the MediByte to screen in-patients for OSA. Another cost-saving opportunity.
The MediByte® is one of the few products on the market that actually exceeds AASM Guidelines for HST.
MediByte uses the same state-of-the-art technology currently used in sleep laboratories.
Customers Are Talking
"We have been using BRAEBON sensors at our sleep laboratory for several years and have found the pressure, effort, snoring, and cannula products to be of exceptional quality. BRAEBON staff are always helpful and willing to listen."

Iain Simons, B.A., RPSGT

Niagara Snoring & Sleep Centre

"BRAEBON has been excellent in follow-up on all the details."

Johnny Drake, PSS, LLC

MediByte and Cannula

Helping Sleep Labs

Expand the high quality sleep laboratory performance into the home with unparalleled tools and technology.

BRAEBON sleep sensors are known worldwide for top quality, reliability, and dependability. Sleep laboratories can now use the same state-of-the-art technology for unattended OSA screening or CPAP follow-up. Hospital-based sleep laboratories can efficiently perform in-patient screenings and use this cost-saving opportunity. All sleep laboratories can use the MediByte to expand business and reach patients who are uncomfortable or unwilling to undergo overnight PSG. The MediByte is one of the few products on the market which exceeds AASM Guidelines for Portable Monitoring and presents a turnkey solution to create more revenue for sleep laboratories and continue best practice sleep medicine.

The right tools
MediByte Kit

The MediByte® Kit

The ultimate home sleep testing solution in a convenient carrying case, providing a reliable data collection tool in a simple package.
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SPO2 Sensor

Sleep Lab Sensors

Nobody knows sensors like we do. The same high quality biosensors used in a sleep laboratory to monitor airflow, respiratory effort and blood oxygenation are the same reliable sensors used with every MediByte® kit.
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Braebon Analysis Software

Analysis Software

The same advanced analysis and reporting technology used in the sleep lab, streamlining the steps to interpretation. As an add-on option, simplify the management of patient and sleep study data by using EasyHST software.
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The right technology
MediByte and Ruler

Small size for comfort

This tiny recorder packs all the punch of a level 3 screener in a device that is comfortable to wear.
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Exceeding guidelines

Designing beyond the guidelines for portable monitoring of sleep apnea ensures the patient experience is second to none.

With technology such as inductance plethysmography for respiratory effort and combined oronasal thermistor and cannula for optimum apnea/hypopnea detection, you see the benefits in every study.
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Braebon PureFlow and RIP Belt
Braebon Snore Microphone

Comfort and quality

All products designed for comfort and durability, to ensure patient satisfaction and dependable quality night after night.

As an example, capture audio with the smallest snoring microphone on the market with the only 6-month unlimited use warranty.
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CPAP compatible

Using the MediByte® connected to any CPAP device in the industry enables the capture of CPAP-based recordings outside the laboratory.
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The right choice

Lower Study Cost

With an average cost of $7 per study, the MediByte® makes screening for OSA cost effective.

Multiple Recordings

Go beyond the single 9-hour recording with the option to capture two consecutive nights: one for baseline and one for CPAP treatment.

Customer Service

Getting up and running couldn't be simpler with tools designed for ease of use and support from industry-leading Sleep specialists.

High Quality Signals

Using the highest quality components and sampling rates that exceed guidelines delivers a signal quality second to none.
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Rock-solid components

From the durability of stainless steel LEMO connectors to the simplicity of unique connector sizes, every design element chosen to deliver the ultimate experience.

Patient Setup Videos

Preparing patients for home sleep testing couldn't be simpler with products designed for ease of use and a series of training videos to simplify hook-up.
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*Product features are subject to change without notice and may not be exactly as shown.
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Compliance Tracking

The DentiTrac® is the most powerful oral
appliance compliance tracking solution.
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Braebon Cloud Services

An all-in-one web-based solution to help manage your workflow from intake to treatment.
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How do I hook this up?

Get answers to the most common
questions related to device and
accessory connections.
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