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10 September 2020: BRAEBON Medical Corporation announced today that it is receiving advisory services and phase 1 research and development funding from the National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC IRAP) to prove the feasibility of a low-cost medical device which can monitor blood pressure, blood oxygen level, breathing rate, pulse rate, and temperature for COVID-19 patients.

This funding comes as part of the "Low-cost sensor system for COVID-19 patient monitoring" challenge issued by NRC IRAP through the federal government's Innovative Solutions Canada (ISC) program. If successful, phase 2 funding could be awarded to develop a working prototype.

The new sensor system, known as MediByte® VTS, builds upon existing BRAEBON intellectual property developed in the MediByte® Home Sleep Testing Recorder, the patented DentiTrac® micro-recorder system for patient therapy monitoring, and BRAEBON's Cloud Portal with telemedicine. "The noninvasive system is being developed to benefit all Canadians for years to come," said Dr. Richard Bonato, CEO and Co-Founder. "We anticipate this will significantly contribute towards improving health monitoring in numerous environments and our development team is diligently working to realize this goal," he added. MediByte® VTS is a small, comfortable device which will reliably and accurately gather detailed information to assess a patient's vital signs. The information is then uploaded in real-time through a smartphone or tablet to the BRAEBON cloud portal where medical specialists can conveniently and securely review patient information and assess patient health.

"We are very pleased the MediByte® VTS development is proceeding with support from NRC IRAP," said Donald Bradley, CTO and Co-Founder. "The challenge is to develop a low-cost yet powerful technology which will continue to meet and exceed BRAEBON's reputation for accuracy, reliability, and dependability. I'm very proud of what our team has accomplished thus far and we are very excited to work on this challenge. Accurate, affordable, and noninvasive real-time vital signs monitoring is particularly in demand during the current COVID-19 pandemic," he added.

About BRAEBON Medical Corporation BRAEBON is a privately held Canadian corporation developing and manufacturing medical devices within its ISO 13485 certified manufacturing facility since 1998. BRAEBON's patented products are sold in 60 countries worldwide. For additional information about BRAEBON contact Mr. Mitch Livingston, VP Business Development, at [email protected] or visit BRAEBON at". For more information about the challenge program visit #MadeInCanadaProject on LinkedIn.

September, 2020

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