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Software solutions don't get any simpler. EasyHST® offers the simplest turnkey Home Sleep Testing solution to help manage your workflow from intake to interpretation. Manage your patients, your questionnaires, and organize your MediByte® data. It even helps you re-order MediByte® supplies.

The right tools
MediByte Kit

The MediByte® Kit

If you don't already own a MediByte®, start with the ultimate home sleep testing solution in a convenient carrying case.
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Nobody knows sensors like we do. Browse our extensive collection of accessories that exceed guidelines and produce results.
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The EasyHST® software add-on augments the incredible power of MediByte software with patient intake, data analysis, trend reporting and interpretation letters.
The right technology
Rack Server

Reliable Data Storage

Much more than a limited Access database, EasyHST uses the same robust database technology used in much more expensive applications. This ensures excellent performance with any patient load. Use the power of EasyHST to reliably store, manage, and report your patient data and manage your home sleep testing business.

Simple. Unrestrictive.

An extremely simple user interface makes the daily workflow easier and faster. For those occasions where full data access is required, use the simple export tool to get all your data into a convenient format for more detailed analysis.

Database Tables
Braebon Trend Report

Trend Reporting

Track patient progress by comparing key characteristics of a set of sleep studies in a single report. Launch a single report to monitor the effectiveness of treatment, helping you decide on further adjustments.


Record a wide range of data from patient history to the Epworth Sleepiness Scale. Fill out as many questionnaires as needed per patient, or none at all. Flexibility to streamline your workflow.

Braebon Questionnaires
Braebon Interp Letter

Interpretation Letters

Save time when creating interpretation letters by using the built-in letter that summarizes the sleep study data. Time saved means more time with patients and building a more successful practice.

The right assistance
Braebon PSG Software on Monitor

Helping with Scoring

BRAEBON has teamed with a sleep scoring service using RPSGTs to provide MediByte® scoring to MediByte® users. If you are interested in using this service please call 1-888-462-4841 x218 or email

The right choice

Saves you time

Streamline your workflow with powerful software features automating the time-consuming aspects of your sleep practice.

Easy to use

Every element designed to maximize ease-of-use, from an extremely simple user interface to an intuitive set of core sleep practice features.

Customer Service

Getting up and running couldn't be simpler with tools designed for ease of use and support from industry-leading Sleep specialists.
*Product features are subject to change without notice and may not be exactly as shown.
**Available Summer 2010. Contact us today to learn more.
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Compliance Tracking

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Braebon Cloud Services

An all-in-one web-based solution to help manage your workflow from intake to treatment.
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Get answers to the most common
questions related to device and
accessory connections.
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